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Thank You & Goodbye.

Hey everyone! As you may have noticed, we haven’t been active on this blog as of August 2014. We’ve decided that the time has come for us to close this blog, meaning we won’t post about Fantage events anymore.

School has gotten hectic, and the last time any of us have checked was probably the middle of Summer. We’ve tried to create time for this blog, but it’s simply gotten too much for us to handle.

We thank everyone who has ever supported us and the entire blogging community for being so accepting of our little blog. We thank YOU for reading this right now.

It’s time to start a new chapter in our lives. January 2015. A new year calls for new changes. We encourage you to do the same. :)


1. Will you guys still be active?

> Not with posts about Fantage.

2. Where can we still keep in touch?

> This blog isn’t necessarily going to shut down and close. We’re still keeping all of our pages, meaning you can comment and we’ll reply, but it will take some time. Ask.Fm is also available as always. We’ll also check other blogs and comment when we have the time, so you can still chat to us there!

3. Will you ever go on Fantage again? Are you giving away your accounts?

> We’ll probably go on Fantage at least three+ times a year, maybe? So no, we’re not giving them away until we really don’t need anything from it anymore.

4. Will you ever come back?

> No, 99.99% sure we won’t. We’ve gotten old, school’s gotten crazy, and lots of things have happened.


Once again, we thank you all so very much for everything. We’d never imagine we’d get this far. The Fantage blogging community’s amount of support never fails to surprise us! You guys have been wonderfully great and we appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks for making it the best 19 months! Goodbye, and let’s meet again someday.

Yours truly,

Kayla, Camille, Ryan



What in the World Happened to the Trio?!

Hey guys! As you may have noticed it’s been quite a few months since we’ve posted something. We’d like to apologize for that…Like many bloggers, we have lives outside of the internet. School is taking up 75% of our lives. I literally spend over 10 hours at school per day, then another 3-4 hours doing homework o(╥﹏╥)o

The struggle is very real.

Anyway, I’m not going to waste a post complaining about something all of us eventually have to go through, but our point is:

We don’t know for sure when we’ll be back… ๑•́ㅿ•̀๑) ᔆᵒʳʳᵞ

This blog has been a blast and it was great for the 2 short years we’ve done it! Thank you to all our loyal followers…We even managed to get past 20,000 views! We can’t thank everyone enough for their support. This is not technically “goodbye,” more like a “see you later!” We’ll be on and off here, and we’ll be active once in a while on Ask.Fm. And there’s a slight possibility we could be back in December! For now, Happy Halloween! Stay safe and have fun everyone!

Love TFT team ~ヾ(^∇^)

♦ More Adventures in Wonderland! ♦




Once again, here’s another repeated event.



It’s very much the same as the 2013 event. 



At least the Limited items are different :D





Fall down the rabbit hole and into “Fantage Wonderland” where you can:



Play some “Curious Croquet” because croquet is obviously a sport worth pondering.



Buy some *cough cough* mushrooms from a creepy caterpillar that claims that you’ll *cough cough* “experience fun effects” if you pay him Gold…

Remember kids, hugs not drugs.

Stay in school.



And paint roses. You can’t use last year’s costume, however…


So if you’re willing to spend some of that Gold of yours, buy the new one.

I can’t believe I couldn’t paint the roses, even though I’m holding a “painted rose” :O


Anyway, that’s it for this event. Let’s hope the next will be superduper :]

Have a smile-filled day, humans! 


(;◔ิз◔ิ)~♪♬ Music Mania (;◔ิз◔ิ)~♪♬


New event: Music Mania :)


You can buy Music Costumes at the Limited Items cart.



From left to right: Rising Star, DJ Star, Soul Star, Rock Star

The Rising Star costume costs 5,000 Stars or 2,500 eCoins. The DJ and Soul Star costumes both cost 6,000 Stars or 3,000 Gold. Finally, the Rock Star costume can only be bought with 3,000 Gold.

The board is 2,000 Gold, but you don’t need it to go with the costumes :]

Also I’ve always wondered…why is it that most nonmember items have brown hair and a yellow outfit? :\


The music notes should be in the same spots as the Blackout event’s ;)

*Update: Nevermind, they are not xD Thanks Rop!


Well that’s it for this event. This is a pretty short post :O Anyway, quick announcement:

Our blog, is going to go under maintenance for a few days. We’re trying to fix up some of our old pages and make our blog the best it can be! Stay tuned and keep checking the “Updates of the Day” widget on the right sidebar of your page for more updates :) Thanks for supporting our blog and bringing us this far!


Idkwatidoing, Udonrox, Sasha888


p.s. I can’t get over this emoticon:


For some reason it reminds me of Sasha ._. So if you’re reading this Sasha… >:{D

☻ Black Out Event, Updates, and Important Notice! ☻


Look what’s back, the Fantage Blackout Event. Can someone tell me why the heck are there a bunch of creepy eyeballs in this pic?


As you may have guessed it, it’s exactly the same as the event was two years ago.


The only difference…


…This all costs Gold. All these Blackout Blowout Packages are the same items!
(Blackout Blowout…try saying that 5 times fast :O #tonguetwister)


At least the costumes can be bought with Stars.


The candles are located in the exact same places, so there shouldn’t be any trouble finding them ;)



The candles should look like a bunch of squishy marshmallows :3 Click them, or do an action while wearing the correct costume to make them light up.


Another tip:


If you don’t feel like going to your inventory and putting on the correct costume every time there’s a candle, simply click on the candle and you’ll automatically be changed into the right costume (if you have it, which I do not for these colours)

Well that’s it for this event. Once again, it’s a repeat…Fantage, at least put a LITTLE more effort into things, please?



Next up we have “Sky Surfers”

In case you haven’t noticed Fantage, most every has learned how to fly 3 billion years ago (4 years)…



I like the items though, although the hair could use a little de-puffing.


After that update, we have Bonus Levels Items.


The Bonus Levels have been here for a while, next to the Hall of Fame.


You basically buy levels…Which I think is simply CHEATING. Imagine how annoyed the people who spent hours gradually earning levels , to have some rich little girl achieve all of that with a few clicks. :(


Anyway, the only good thing about this sign are the free items you can now get.


Depending on what level you are, you get a free prize! Just like the Level Lock prize thingies. Unfortunately, if you were a member at say level 1000, but then became a nonmember and went down to say level 500, you would only be able to get items up to 500…


Finally, we have the IMPORTANT NOTICE:


Can you read that? If not, click to enlarge. It was written on Fantage’s official blog a month ago, but I haven’t seen any other notices about that so I’d like to warn you guys before you buy another Ultimate Game Card! :)


That’s it for this post! It’ll be awhile before we can post again, as we’ll be going on a trip together next week :) We’ll still be able to interact with you all on our Ask.Fm page using our phones, but because we won’t be bringing a laptop, we won’t update much. Keep the questions coming! It’s fun answering, and we stayed up last night until around 2AM answering people back and forth xD

Have a great life and we’ll see you soon! :D

✷ɷ✷ Fireworks Event ✷ɷ✷


Yes, yes I know this is late. We were busy celebrating these past few days and the fourth is already over for all the ‘Muricans out there, but the Fantage Fireworks Festival is not!


Buy some good old fireworks powder (with Gold) and head to the Beach, Castle Bridge, or Campground to launch.


So here’s what the whole setup of the Beach looks like. As my hot pink arrows point out, the Fireworks Powder can be bought down there and you launch them with the blue tab on the left side of your screen.


Since I don’t feel like wasting money on Gold, I don’t exactly know how it turns out. Just choose your powder, aim, and shoot I’m guessing.


However there are some cool fireworks that are free to launch down there if you’d like!




Ta-daa! They’re not too bad. Better than spending money to buy Gold for the powder…Did anyone even do that? I bet only like 1 or 2 super rich hardcore-Fantage players did :P


Also, you can grab a few Limited Items as well :D


Or not…

That’s it for this event!


In other news, today I attended a Fantage Summer Party I learned about just an hour ago (even though I wasn’t even invited LOL). A bunch of famous Fantagians were supposed to attend but I probably missed a few since I only stayed for like 15 minutes. The only “famous” person I saw was Pinkerellie, the famous Fantage Youtuber who was bombarded right when she was spotted by all her fans. 

pinkeralla2000 meet

(I realize now that I pointed to the wrong person…That was a person who was wearing something to close to what she was so OOPS xD But I managed to get a screenshot of her IDFone. She seemed pretty quiet and moved around a lot to escape the crowd.)


Anyway, after a little while of walking around, I just logged about because the lag was simply unbearable. It literally took me 3 minutes to move from one side of the screen to another! ♦ 0 ♦ 

Have a nice day! :D

(ノ・o・)ノ Summer Events (ノ・o・)ノ

First off, sorry for not updating recently! All three of us have been pretty busy over the last few weeks of school…


The Summer Camp is open again and this time it’s staying until the 7th of July which means NO FOURTH OF JULY EVENT.
*Edit: Just read the Comet; they will in fact be hosting fireworks on July 3rd :)

It’s exactly the same as last year’s and the years before that so we won’t go into so much detail.


To get to the camp site, you must go through the Forest and go all the way to the right under Lucky Bob’s and the sad, new Creature Shop.


It looks exactly the same.


Go roast some marshmallows again over the fire to win Stars and fish at the lake to earn prizes.


The marshmallows and weenies cost Gold…

5  6

Stand with your Marshmallow Accessory (you can just use the one from last year.) The one on the left is the correct roasted marshmallow, the one on the right is the marshmallows that caught on fire because this virtual fire is that hot apparently.

10 9 7 8

And here’s the stages for the hot dog accessory (also from last year).


Now there are Limited Items that are exactly the same as the last year’s or the year before that.


The only difference that it all costs GOLD…thanks Fantage.


Wear these costumes to get on the lake and catch fish and stars. They’re the exact same, but just cost Gold. Even the nonmember one -_- So use the ones you got from last year!


This is the prize for nonmembers.

(Not going to explain how to fish, since we posted on this a long time ago…except the post got deleted what?)


Last butt not least, you can visit the totally pointless cabins. You used to be able to get a free item and pillow fight, butt not this year.


WELL that’s it for this event! See you guys :D

ツ My Mall + Cody’s Crazy Combos ツ


I was wondering if I should make a post on this or not, because this whole thing is pretty confusing to myself. However, after reading different posts on the mall and exploring it myself, it makes a little more sense.



It’s this new kind of currency used to sell, buy, and open your own kiosk at MyMall. It’s also used for Cody’s Crazy Combos, which will be explained down there.


Alright, How do I Open a Kiosk?

If you were wondering what a kiosk is, they’re those little carts inside malls where you can buy little things like food and phone related items. For example:

This is a Pillow Pet mall kiosk. :)

Anyway, to open one at MyMall, first go into the mall and click on the lady in the corner.



You’ll need to obtain “Permission”, buy using gold. Then you’ll be able to start selling your items.

1 day costs 150G
3 days costs 400G
7 days costs 850G

Okay…Now how do I start shopping?



The elevator has up to 30 floors for shoppers to spend their Gold on. That’s right, GOLD. Everything can only be bought with gold, whether it be starred or eCoined.


This is what a floor would look like full of kiosks. Click on one to buy.


Kiosk 3A-1 happened to be cristina792’s! Here are her items for sale. As you can see, they’re being sold for Gold only…

So now that I know all that I need to about this, HOW DO I GET GOLD?!

There is ONE way to get Gold.

*Thanks for correcting me, Muffins :)

Of course, use real money.


As you can see, MyMall revolves around Gold…

Are there any OTHER benefits of Gold?


Exchange them for eCoins. Not that many would want to, anyway.




Next, we have Cody’s Crazy Combos. Cody is the blue superhero teddy bear that comes to Fantage once in a while. Guess he’s staying permanently now to make some money :P



And here it is again, Gold. You need it to draw cards to win items. Some of the items give you an “awesome effect” or ability.


There are a few combo sets:



You can also use the “Swap” option to swap the items you currently are offered for new ones…for 30 Gold, that is. -_-

Anyway to draw one card is already 300 gold, which in my opinion sucks. Why spend real money on Gold?

Also the “Free Draw” isn’t a free draw at all…you trade in any 5 items you got from it before, just for one more draw.

Overall, I think Fantage should cool it with the “Gold currency” thing for now.



Also it’s Premium Member week again! Spend your free membership wisely ;)

Make sure to check out the VIP room and get its free prizes, get your monthly gifts, and level up! Have fun :D

~ – Moonlight Prom 2014 – ~


Another prom is being hosted by Fantage!


It’s going to be a loong event, lasting until Wednesday, May 28th…Looks like there’s more to come soon.


Head to the Beach to “boogie” as Fantage calls it.


The screen on the right will also tell you to dress in various colors.



Next catch the limousine to earn some tickets!


You basically have to wait a few minutes until a bunch of tickets appear, then click to collect. Don’t be sad if you didn’t get a lot, since there are a bunch of people who furiously click at lightning speed for that ticket ._.


Wow, after 10 minutes, 2 tickets. Screenshotting takes a lot of time :P


Speaking of tickets, once you get enough cash them in for prizes!


Warning: Do not turn on your sound for the Carnival now. You will regret it.


Next, check out the new Limited Items…Two awkwardly-animated costumes.


(Those arms though…)


And if you’re really in the mood for some sucky love stories…


Apparently Molly’s scared she “missed her chance to tell Static how she really feels” and “now he never comes by the cafe” and “hasn’t ‘liked’ any of her Fantagebook posts since then”… No. Just no, Fantage.

That’s it for this event! We’ll be updating with the new parts soon!


Also, there are new Daily Spin items (finally)!


P.S. Sorry this post only contains girl items! Too lazy and too much homework to get the guys…unless Udon has time to do it I don’t think we’ll have male items for this post! Sorry for any inconvenience :)

* ~ Mother’s Day ~ *


Today is May 11th, 2014! Happy Mother’s Day!


You’ll be able to do four things in this event.

Create a Card



They do this basically every year so it’s simple. Print it out and give it to your mom if you’d like.



Origami Flowers



This is actually pretty cute! Try it.


You’ll need scissors, glue, tape, and a printer :)


Carnation Craze Game



The rules are simple, just collect flowers and avoid the laser. Similar to the dungeon game from the last event.



New Mystery Gifts

Here are the new items you can send and receive:



Well that’s it for this event! Hope you guys have a great Mother’s Day! Remember to thank your mothers for all that they do for you and tell them you appreciate them every single day :)

H A P P Y  M O T H E R ‘ S  D A Y !